Rates and Deals

Official rates per room per night including only morning buffet breakfast
Reservations only with direct payment onsite - Percentages/Fees not acknowledged for physical travel agencies and/or other.

No single rooms available [double single use on request only]

Flat rate to be established with applicant

Double [Suite King-Size]

Min. € 90,00 (€ 45X2)
Max € 160,00 (€ 80X2)

3rd e 4th bed (price per bed)

Flat rate to be established with applicant

*For only n.1 overnight stay NO particular discounts, therefore minimum rates will be applied as per official price list (as above) which are always excellent compared to the type of structure and service.
*For more than n.1 overnight stay possibility of discounts during the whole year even in accordance with the type of season, however, except any kind of festivities, it is possible to take advantage of our special discounted proposals [please see festivities key/legend and special discounted proposals below].

*Normally it is required a minimum stay of n.2 nights in particular in the highest season, as well as for all national holidays and special local events [please see festivities key/legend below].

●KEY/LEGEND FESTIVITY: Important national holidays as New Year's Eve, Epiphany, Easter, Middle August Week, various other national holidays and extended holidays/weekends (all Saints Feast-Immaculate Feast-Liberation Day Feast-Work Day Feast -Republic Day Feast)-Special local events (Truffle Festivals Weekends-Saint Benedict Day Feast-The Flowering [second half of May-June-first half of July]-The Great Medieval Fires feast [Ri Fauni].

It is suggested and very appreciated an advance booking
Please before sending a booking inquiry read carefully the “GUEST HOUSE RESERVATION POLICY AND CONDITIONS” on page


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