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Please get the availability first by calling directly at Tel. +39-334-8473696 or by completing the following questionnaire.
Our booking office will send you an email with availability, terms and conditions, including a simple official booking form which, if necessary, you can also find below this page.
Ours is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and safety We receive confirmations from all over the world.

N.B.: For the booking you may be required for a deposit (advance), being able to freely decide, prior agreement with the administration of the Guest House, the sending method (credit card-bank wire-postal m. order-paypal), however pointing out that, as a precautionary measure and as a guarantee of stay, a normal credit card will be anyway required to be shown at check-in on the day of arrival, failing which the reservation could not be accepted in any way (N.B.-CC DETAILS REQUIRED AT CHECK-IN: PAN Primary Account Number, the number of 16 digits placed on the front of the card and the CVV Card Verification Value, the number of 3 digits placed on the back of the card - Only VISA or MASTERCARD circuit accepted – Prepaid Credit Cards or Debit Cards NOT accepted).
●Please before sending a booking inquiry read carefully the “GUEST HOUSE RESERVATION POLICY AND CONDITIONS” below.

We welcome you in this fascinating residence, considered an historic mansion and heritage of the Sibillini Mountains National Park and the town of Norcia.
To this end, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and disappointment, all guests are kindly requested to acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the following conditions

THE GUEST HOUSE OVERALL We kindly ask to our customers to pay particular attention and absolutely not underestimate a relevant factor, making note that, for the reason to be this residence positioned at the feet of a mountain range and therefore, at times, exposed to sudden weather change (violent gusts of wind or rain storms), is warmly suggested to adopt a suitable clothing in all seasons, reminding that the entire environment is suitable to an adult and prepared public, passionate of nature and hiking and to all of those who appreciate these kind of stays - During Autumn/Winter time (at times even in late springtime and/or end of summer), it’s absolutely NOT suggested to those who particularly are too sensitive to cold in general or to minimum hint of cold.
>HEATING SERVICE - IMPORTANT NOTE: During periods when heating service is needed, all the internal premises, structured with solid stone walls, while maintaining an acceptable temperature level, does not allows optimal values for a constant high heat level, therefore from Oct. 15th to Apr. 30th every year, also in relation to temperature values, both inside and outside, the heating service daily provides from n.2 to n.3 turns of about n.3 hours each (morning-afternoon–evening).
>HEATING AND/OR AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE-WARNING: From May 01th to Oct. 15th every year, the guest house DOES NOT provide any heating service in anyway, inasmuch, for the whole above-mentioned period, our heating system will be under maintenance and every single piece will be removed to be cleaned and overhauled - All rooms and internal premisesDO NOT feature air conditioning, since the structure is located at 850 mt. of altitude a.s.l. and therefore not needed. 
>Practical advice: During Autumn/Winter time (at times even in late springtime or end of summer) it’s warmly suggested to bring suitable clothing and to be dressed by layers, to allow an ideal acclimatization and always ready to temperature inversions (jackets/coats/snow jackets-wool sweaters/windproof sweaters-piles-wintry socks-warm shoes with appropriate sole/small boots/semi-professional trekking shoes-with an appropriate sole as the vibram type-caps-scarves-gloves).
>For road safety then, during the coldest wintry months, in case of sudden snowfalls, it's also warmly suggested to come anyway provided of anti snow/ice car chains and/or heat tires and to find out about the weather conditions in our area before reaching the place.
>In summer time, during the evening hours, it’s suggested to bring light clothes (cotton sweaters and/or jackets), right shoes with an appropriate sole (semi-professional trekking shoes with Vibram sole type suggested) and to come anyway provided of umbrellas or light rain coats (ex. rain K-Way).
CHECK-IN PROCEDURES: Check-in rooms available NOT before than H. 02:00 p.m. - Check-out H. 11:30 a.m.
>Late check-out will be on a request basis and subject to availability - A half day room charge is applicable for late check-out until 06:00 p.m. hours - Rooms occupied beyond 06:00 p.m. hours will be charged at a full day rate.
>As per exact rule of the Guest House, before the allocation of rooms to guests at check-in, on the day of arrival, to guarantee any damage on the room and on the rest of the entire environment, being the same even considered an historic building and classified as a architectural and environmental heritage of the National Park, a check-in form with simple inside rules to be observed, will be submitted to guests for acceptance – In the repeated form the details of a normal credit card will be anyway kindly required, pointing out that no amounts or additional costs will be charged until the day of departure (N.B.-CC DETAILS REQUIRED AT CHECK-IN: PAN Primary Account Number, the number of 16 digits placed on the front of the card and the CVV Card Verification Value, the number of 3 digits placed on the back of the card - Only VISA or MASTERCARD circuit accepted – Prepaid credit cards or Debit Cards NOT accepted - Credit Card subjected to validity check).
BOOKING PROCEDURES: All reservation inquiries (Medium and Long Term - Last-minute - direct Check-in), especially in the months where heating service is needed (autumn-winter-spring), will be accepted and guaranteed only by sending a deposit (advance), established based on the importance of the chosen period, being able to freely decide, by previous agreement with the guest house administration, the sending method (credit card-bank wire-postal m. order-paypal), pointing out that, as a precautionary measure and as a guarantee of stay, a normal credit card will be anyway required at check-in on the day of arrival, failing which the reservation can not be accepted in any way.
It is vitally important specify that in case the customer would arrive without to be provided of a normal credit card at check-in on the day of arrival, despite having been previously informed upon booking (written and/or by telephone), the administration of the Guest House would be forced reluctantly to refuse on site the reservation itself, declining any further obligation toward customer, including the NOT refund of a possible deposit (advance).
>IMPORTANT NOTE: Moreover on your the reservation inquiry, if necessary, we kindly ask to advise us and to specify of any medical condition that might affect your stay with us.
DEPOSITS (ADVANCES): Any deposit (advance), if required, it’s NOT REFUNDABLE and it will ensure the reservation at 100% or it will be held in case of sudden cancellation due to any motivation or failure to arrival [NO-SHOW], pointing out that, prior failure to comply with the cancellation policies provided by the Guest House upon booking, no extra penalties or additional costs will be charged.
>N.B.: Any last-minute telephone reservations, save in exceptional cases [ex. holidays and/or important dates in the highest season], will be guaranteed only by providing a credit card - In case it will be required by the guest house administration and previous agreement between the parties, providing the credit card details (both by telephone and in writing), once accepted the reservation, the applicant explicitly authorizes the guest house to collect a deposit previously agreed with the same.
ONLY B&B SERVICE: Tariffs include only overnight stay and buffet breakfast, specifying that the type of breakfast provided, anyway rich and abundant, is exclusively sweet and NOT salty [Salty breakfast is solely by advance reservation before arrival and extra charge  If interested, please ask information in this regard before arrival, a specific e-mail will be sent to you by our booking office]- The guest house does not provides half-board and/or full board service in any way (NO HB and/or FB) - Precious tips and recommendations for excellent local restaurants and sightseeing will be provided at arrival.
>NOTE: Salty breakfast will NOT be provided in any way onsite if not expressly requested by customer and agreed with the guest house administration upon reservation before arrival.
NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AND/OR TEENAGERS: Extremely tranquil place which wants to ensure peace and tranquility to guests.