Sport and Leisure and plenty of other amazing stuff for all seasons and ages

Below a wide range of specialties recommended by us. We will suggest the best services and the maximum guarantee of professionalism and safety.

●The following services are NOT responsibility of the Guest House and they are exclusively with extra charge - For availability it is recommended to book in advance before arrival.
●The following associations are composed of qualified and professional personnel both regionally and nationally, offering enjoyment for all ages and levels of experience, both in summer and winter.

Outdoor activities (in all seasons)
Survival: Professional survival school NATO certified [NCAGE AN084]
Various other: Hiking – Trekking with Mules - Rafting – Meditation and Yoga - Adventure Camp – Canoeing – Mountaineering - Archery with Crossbow and Bow and Arrow –– Spelunking - Fishing – Outdoor Training - Soft-Air -Throwing - Field Target – camps – falconry - Nordic Walking
Snow Activities: Snow-shoeing, Sledding, Igloo Building, Alpine or Cross-country Skiing and the nearby locality of Forca Canapine, an organized area with six lifts
Reservations and Info Tel.: +39-348-7288365 - E-mail: - Web:

Horses & Riders
Horse Escursions and Riding School [incl. horse lodging]
Discovering our scenic wonders by horse, means a full integration with the unpolluted natural environment.
Our territory provides services as guided tours and horse accommodations, offering to horses and horse-riders the right logistic assistance.
Services: Docile horses for various level of rides and excursions also for beginners and specialized service for riding school on request.
Info Tel.: +39-339-5334468 – E-mail: – Web:
Location Address: Paganelli (Norcia fraction)

Quads (4X4)
Services: Various level off-road 4x4 excursions through amazing scenery paths of the National Park - Also excursions of 4 hours with barbecue lunch on request.
Info Tel.: +39-339-1534943 / +39-335-7442483 – E-mail: - Location Address: Norcia

Rafting & Mountain Bike
Servces: Different rafting paths and water specialties also for beginners, to live and ride the fantastic rapids of river Corno through it’s huge and primordial gorges.
Rafting Info Tel.: +39-348-3511798 / +39-328-0143735 / +39-0742-23146 – E-mail: - Web:
Mountain Bike Info Tel.: +39-342-3793003 / +39-331-3777237 – E-mail: - Web: - Location Address: Serravalle (frazione di Norcia)

Sailing Flight (Paragliding and Hang Gliding)
Services: Sailing flight school also for beginners- Staff provides professionalism, safety and the right logistic assistance.
Info Tel.: +39-339-5635456 / +39-0743-821156 – E-mail: - Web:
Location Address: Castelluccio di Norcia

Winter Skiing
Among rhe woods of Sibillini Mountains it is the largest cross-country ski area, where even the most expert skiers can have fun, it is one of the largest circuits in central-south Italy.
Info: /
Tourist Board Norcia Tel.: +39-0743-828173 / National Park Board Tel.: +39-0743-817090

Geosta (Sport and Outdoor Emporium)
Services: Incredibly equipped of any sort of professional sporting clothes and wide range of technical materials.
Info Tel.: +39-339-6086846 / +39-0743-821156 - Tel./Fax.: +39-0743-828470 – E-mail: - Web:
Location Address: 10 Via Foscolo 06046 Norcia

ABC-Online (Computer & Web assistance)
Services: Expert and professional staff for PC and electronic materials.
Info Tel.: +39-0743-828042 – E-mail: - Web: - Location Address: Loc. Misciano - 06046 Norcia (PG)

FaccioTardi (Tour & Experience in Norcia)
Services: guided tours, walks and visits to the paths and local artisans
Info Tel.: +39-347-9108946 E-mail: - Web: - Location Address: Via Case Sparse 281 - 06046 Norcia (PG)